Find the right agent before buying and selling

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Find the right agent before buying and selling

How long has it been since you last bought or sold a house? What to do first when buying or selling?

Let me help guide you through some typical questions:

Reasons for selling

There are any number of reasons why people decide to sell their house: e.g. Up/Down/Right Sizing, Investment, Deceased estate, Divorce, Health.

Under pressure:

If you are under pressure to sell and move, then immediately find the right agent to discuss your situation and obtain advice.

No urgency:

If you are not under any pressure to sell and move, then it may be useful to gauge market conditions before you sell your property. The right agent can help you find out where you’re at in the property cycle, and if possible, avoid selling at the bottom of the pricing cycle.

Call me to find out more about the current market conditions and to talk about your own situation.

Some people tell you the time of year makes a difference, yet I believe considering what is right for your property and you, is more important. And again, I will be able to explain this to you in more detail during a meeting.

And before you sell your house, you should make sure you know where you are going next. How long before you take possession of your next home? Will you rent in the mean-time? A clear strategy will make the process of selling your home easier. The right agent can help you through this process.

Your financial position

  1. Do you have enough cash to buy a new house outright?
    1. Great, then first buying a house may be the best option
      1. Speak with your trusted financial advisor to confirm
    2. If not enough cash at this stage can you afford ‘bridging finance’?
      1. Speak with a trusted financial advisor before committing to this option

What Price Is Your House?

  1. When you’re selling a home, you need a realistic market valuation which may not be exactly what you are hoping to get but what you are likely to get.
  2. You can either research the market by accessing a number of online sites that can offer suburb specific market reports (sometimes for a fee), or you can get a formal valuation from a qualified valuer, though this also costs money, or you could visit auctions of comparable properties in your area and see what the market is doing, or you can talk to a trusted sales agent!

Call me for a free appraisal providing the market value of your home and a detailed report showing sale prices of comparable properties as well as trends and statistics for your specific area.

Cost of changeover

  1. How much does it cost to sell a house? Both buying and selling, unfortunately, attract fees and expenses. Obtaining this information will allow you to separate the financial facts from your emotions in order to make an educated (as opposed to an emotional) decision.
  2. Your trusted sales agent should be spending time with you to prepare this. I will go through this exercise with you at no cost during the appraisal or when we discuss the sale proposal.

Decision Time

Buy First:

  1. If you decide to purchase first, there are several things you can do to make your place easier to sell quickly. Just ensure you give yourself plenty of time to get your property ready for showcasing to potential buyers.
  2. During the appraisal, your trusted sales agent should go through with you what must, should and could be done to get ready for sale. More information on this topic will be provided separately.

Sell First:

  1. If you decide to sell first, you are setting the timeline for getting the property ready for sale.
  2. You will still go through what must, should and could be done, with your trusted sales agent.
  3. Remember, you only get one chance to make a great first impression. So, it’s vital to make sure your property ‘shines’ when it’s showcased on the market.

Contact me for a free appraisal and tips for selling your house.

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