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Adelaide may just be what the housing doctor ordered

Based on real estate results for the first quarter of 2019 for Adelaide and comparisons with some of the other Capital Cities home owners and investors in South Australia should be pleased.

As already reported in January in the Financial Review:

Adelaide’s housing market may not be known for sky rocketing capital return like Sydney and Melbourne but it may offer just what homeowners are looking for now – stable prices.

Domain data shows growth in Adelaide’s prices has outpaced inflation by an average of 2.5 percentage points each year for the past five years.

While homes in Adelaide did not post double-digit value appreciation like Sydney and Melbourne in that time, it would also not experience the vast decline expected to hit the two larger cities this year.

In its forecast in November last year, SQM Research said the South Australian capital could return up to a 3 per cent house price growth in 2019 or in a worst case scenario a 2 per cent fall in price, but, it will fare better than Sydney and Melbourne, which are forecast to post declines in house prices of between 6 and 9 per cent.

Core Logic Index

results as at

31 March 2019

Change in dwelling values Change in dwelling values Change in dwelling values Total Median
City Month Quarter Annual Return Value
Sydney -0.90% -3.20% -10.90% -7.80% $782,473
Melbourne -0.80% -3.40% -9.80% -6.60% $624,425
Brisbane -0.60% -1.10% -1.30% 2.70% $489,832
Perth -0.40% -2.90% -7.70% -4.00% $442,716
Adelaide -0.20% -0.50% 0.80% 5.10% $426,990

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